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Skincare Essentials
I often get questions about the basics I use to care for and prepare my skin for makeup. Here, we have gathered products that I can trust for their quality.

I'm a makeup artist, not a beautician, but I've tested and used all of the products on this page for a long time in my daily work, so I released them under my brand — they all deserve to be in your makeup kit.
Herbal Eye Gel
Hyaluronic acid, shea & botanical extracts
A cooling gel for fresh, youthful eyes.

Key benefits:
  • Reduces the appearance of puffy, tired eyes & dark circles
  • Helps plump & smooth the appearance of fine lines
  • Calms & hydrates the delicate eye area
Hydrating Face Moisturizer
With aloe, chamomile & hyaluronic acid
Daily moisturizer that provides intense hydration.

Key benefits:
  • Renews tired skin with long-lasting effects
  • Leaves face feeling smooth & nourished
  • Improves appearance of skin elasticity
I use these products to create my signature look, when the skin feels healthy and glowing, a little shimmery.

Apply the cream with circular massage strokes to increase circulation and give a healthy glow. After the cream, I apply foundation or concealers to even out my complexion without overlapping or sealing the skin texture.

I use these products myself. After showering in the morning, I put gel under my eyes and cream all over my face by rubbing it in my palms. Sometimes I use it during the day if I need extra moisturizing.
Skincare Set
Face Moisturizer & Herbal Eye Gel
You can use these two products together or separately. The eye gel relieves puffiness on the face and under the eyes. And the moisturizer takes away dryness and flaking. These products have a gel texture. They create a lightweight effect and give a healthy glow to all skin types, including sensitive skin.
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